Supply Chain Management


Suppliers of raw and manufactured materials to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as those drug manufacturers,  are challenged with an increasing complexity of the material supply chain.  This has in turn led to increasing difficulty in ensuring quality supply of materials and components, excipients, and APIs.  Furthermore, the integrity of the supply chain is being challenged by increasing sub-standard manufacturing, inadequate business and process controls, as well as international counterfeiting practices.

The Supply Chain Management Interest Group offers its members the opportunity to influence the suppliers of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to develop requirements that meet the needs of the industry in the areas of material quality, continuous improvement efforts, supply chain security, and supplier/customer business partnerships.  The Interest Group will use existing information gathered from PDA members, suppliers, other industry groups, and drug manufacturers to document and develop best practices approach for suppliers to meet customer requirements globally.

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Erik van Asselt
Henry Ames
Everstream Analytics
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