Training Intro to PDA Content

Content Types

Go to> Content when you need to add a new content item of these:

  • News
  • Events
  • Exhibitor-Sponsor-Media
  • Volunteer Opportunity
  • Volunteer Spotlight
  • Chapter
  • Publications
  • PDA Letter
  • PDA Glossary
  • Agenda
  • Lists
  • Images
  • Documents & Files
  • Ads
  • Press Releases
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Chapter Presidents
  • Speakers
  • PDA Staff

    These Content types are built for the homepage, but might be usable on other pages

    • Homepage Features
    • Quicklinks

    Page Templates available

    The template name indicates which components are present:

    • Blank = Full width. No: title, breadcrumbs, preset columns, "In This Section".
    • Blank - Title Block= Full width, with title block.
    • Interior - Blank = Yes columns. No: title, breadcrumbs, "In This Section".
    • Interior - Title = Yes: title, columns.
    • Interior - Title Block = Yes: title block, columns.
    • Interior - Title, breadcrumbs = Yes: title, breadcrumbs, and columns.
    • Interior - breadcrumbs = Yes: columns and breadcrumbs. No: title.

    Understanding Widgets

    Sitefinity comes with many widgets. Many are custom styled for your use as part of the content plan. The others would need additional budget/effort to style them. This list will demonstrate which are which.

    Standard Content Widgets

    • Blog- not being used
    • Blog posts- not being used
    • Card- can use 'as is', No additional styling or work is planned.
    • Comments- not being used
    • Reviews- not being used
    • Content Block
    • Events (customized - see above)
    • Form
    • List
    • Documents List- can use 'as is', Recommend use Content block.
    • Video- not being used. Recommend to embed YouTube or Vimeo code in content blocks.
    • Video Gallery- not being used
    • Document Link
    • Image- can use 'as is', Makes it easy to set an image as a link to pages. No additional styling or work is planned.
    • Image Gallery - not being used
    • News- to list specific types of News items including home page
    • RSS Feed- being used to integration with


    • Curated Content. This is a custom widget. Allows you to set the Title, View Template (4 view options), Manual select items (or automatically list content by categories).
    • Dynamic document generation - both Word and PDF - justification letter for events


        Reminder about using List Widgets (i.e. News, Events)

        Use edit to adjust all three tabs of settings:

        1. Content - set which items to list (usually based on date or category)
        2. List - set how many items, which list template, and how to Sort (usually by publish date or title)
        3. Single item - set this to the specific Detail page built for your site