Revolutionizing QRM: The Impact of AI and ML

In the podcast episode, Merck and Co. Executive Director Ghada Haddad discusses AI and ML and their potential impact on the pharma industry. Haddad was the chair of the PDA Paradigm Change in Manufacturing (PCMO) initiative co-chaired the Aging Facilities Points to Consider, co-chaired the PDA Annual meeting, and was a previous member of the Science Advisory Board and the PDA Board of Directors. In addition, Haddad is currently the Associate Editor of the PDA Journal Pharmaceutical Science and Technology.

PDA Spotlight Podcast Episode 5: Board of Directors Series

In this episode of the PDA Spotlight Podcast, Cristiana Campa, a member of the PDA Board of Directors, discusses the main challenges regarding global and rapid access to medicines and vaccines and how quality-by-design (QbD) could be the game changer.

PDA Spotlight Podcast Episode 3: Board of Directors Series

In this episode, Bettine Boltres, Director of Scientific Affairs and Technical Solutions, Glass Systems, at West Pharmaceutical Services, gives insight into how early career professionals could start their careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

PDA Spotlight Podcast Episode 2: Board of Directors Series

In this episode, one of the voices of PDA, William Rohrs, sits down with Marc Glogovsky, who is the Manager of the Microbiology Consultant Division at ValSource and one of PDA's Board of Directors, to talk about data integrity in the quality microbiology laboratory.

EU GMP Annex 1 Insights: Chat with Andrew Hopkins, PDA Board Member, at 2023 PDA/FDA Conference

In this episode, one of the voices of PDA, William Rohrs, sits down with one of PDA's Board of Directors, Andrew Hopkins, to talk about EU GMP Annex 1: Manufacturing of Sterile Medicinal Products. This interview took place at the 2023 PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference with over 800 attendees.

The new PDA Letter podcast series

New! Check out the new PDA Letter podcast series, GMP Tales!


The July/August PDA Letter podcast is now available! Hear GSK’s Michele Myers discuss advanced therapeutic products at the 2016 PDA Annual Meeting.

Part I

Part II

April 2016

The April PDA Letter podcast is now available! SHL’s Markus Bauss discusses smart medications and their impact on the industry.

June 2015

The June PDA Letter podcast is now available! Hear Hospira’s Sumant Ramachandra and Sandoz’s Joerg Windisch discuss biosimilars in Parts I and II of the podcast.

Part I

Part II

April 2015

Hear Pfizer’s Michael O’Brien discuss the company’s use of portable pods for manufacturing.

February 2015

Listen to speakers at the 2015 PDA Europe Parenterals conference discuss future trends in manufacturing.

October 2014

Listen to Amgen’'s Madhu Balachandran discuss the future of manufacturing.

August 2014

Listen to Dr. Jack Levin, codiscoverer of the LAL test, discuss his research into this groundbreaking assay. And Lonza's Allen Burgenson discusses potential threats to the supply of LAL and alternative assays.



April 2014

Listen to Vetter's Joachim del Boca discuss his role as a Qualified Person for a CMO.