PDA Letter Article

Disruptive Change is on the Horizon

by Tia Bush, Amgen

Industry 4.0Have you created the tools to respond quickly to customer needs and market changes while still controlling costs and quality? Do you know which technology and digital trends are shaping the future of healthcare? Is your company proactively solving complex problems in a time of hyper change and increased competition? Are you and your teams taking action based on the vast amounts of data that you have collected on your products and manufacturing processes?

In a time of transformational scientific and technical advancement, leaders in the healthcare industry are striving to be the first to answer “yes” to all these questions. Technology-driven change is accelerating at an exponential rate and those companies that act upon the enormous opportunities that exist are driving innovation that will lead to personalized approaches to medicine. For example, genomic profiling is being used to target specific treatments for individual patients with specific molecular markers.

Furthermore, increased competition, societal pressure on access of medicines and limited patent protection are pushing companies to faster development cycle times, creative clinical trial designs and new manufacturing platforms. Massive datasets are being generated that require new capabilities in machine learning, visualization and process modeling. With these capabilities, meaningful conclusions can be drawn for more cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

You can be part of the transformation! Join us for the 2018 PDA Annual Meeting where we will explore topics focused on innovation, agility and technology and how they are changing the world of healthcare as we know it. You will hear from industry experts who will share their experiences on a variety of topics, including the future of patient therapies, insights from the manufacturing floor, strategies in digital information and transformations in manufacturing facility design and process technology. Regulators will also share their perspectives on innovation and technology, offering suggestions on how best to navigate the complex regulatory environment to bring these exciting advancements to patients.

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