PDA Letter Article

2022 PDA Letter Article of the Year

by Justin Johnson, PDA, Inc.

Every year, scientists submit their articles for consideration in the PDA Letter. Then, at the end of the year, the PDA Letter and the Editorial Committee identify the top articles published based on reader interest and select the one that best encapsulates PDA’s mission of connecting People, Science and Regulation®.

The award is given to the author(s) at the Awards Ceremony that is held at PDA’s recurring Annual Meeting. The 2022 honorary award for the article of the year was awarded to Ruby Gulati’s and Snehal Parikh’s article titled Zero Defect – A Competitive Advantage.

In the article, the authors elaborate on the need for the pharmaceutical industry to develop high-quality, affordable medicines for patients without increasing expenses. The strategy Gulati and Parikh provide to conquer this challenge is through a quality program called Zero Defect, coined by consultant, businessman and philosopher Phillip Crosby in his 1979 book called Quality is Free.

The article describes Zero Defect into three components:

  1. The why
  2. The what
  3. The how

Each component plays a different role in sharing Zero Defect's extensiveness when companies apply its metrics, giving the reader more information on how impactful it could be in the pharmaceutical industry. The example the authors used to demonstrate the success of Zero Defect was a case study that showed the problem, process and conclusion.

Moreover, PDA congratulates the authors on receiving the 2022 Article of the Year Award! We appreciate them for sharing their knowledge to help improve and maintain high-quality standards in the industry. Thank you!

2022“Zero Defect – A Competitive Advantage”
Ruby Gulati and Snehal Parikh, Roche-Genentech
2021“The Modern Quality Professional Development Tool, Parts I, II & IIIStephan Krause, PhD; Mariam Khan; Callum Chapman; Rob Gaglione; Andy Spasoff; Anthony Mire-Sluis, AstraZeneca
2020“Industry Must Move Away from Dye Ingress Test”Oliver Stauffer, PTI – Packaging Technologies & Inspection
2019“Lifecycle Approach Wipes Away Cleaning Validation Concerns”Rajyalashmi Vathyam, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
2018“New Approach Suggests Continuous Lyophilization is Possible”Pieter-Jan Van Bockstal, Ghent University; Jos Corver, RheaVita; Thomas De Beer, Ghent University