For the past 65 years, PDA members have been worldwide leaders in advancing pharmaceutical science and influencing regulatory policy.  Our focus is in the manufacture and quality assurance of sterile biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products, and in associated technologies such as sterilization, aseptic processing, and pharmaceutical microbiology.

In pursuit of this goal, PDA provides networking and marketing opportunities, advanced training courses, conferences, workshops, lectures, web seminars, peer-reviewed technical publications, volunteer opportunities, a career resource center and more.

We encourage you to explore the membership area of this website to learn about the benefits and tools available to you as a member.  If you have a specific question we can help you with, please call PDA at +1 (301) 656-5900; e-mail; PDA Europe +49 (0) 33056-237710 or follow a link on the right to learn more.

PDA's New Technical Report Portal is Now Open!

Technical Report Portal

Click here to Visit PDA's New Technical Report Portal

PDA MEMBERS ONLY: Welcome to Your Technical Report (TR) Portal

In this new portal, PDA members will be able to view the complete library (or collection) of PDA Technical Reports (TR). PDA TRs are a highly valued membership benefit. They are global technical documents, prepared by member-driven Task Forces comprised of content experts, including scientists and engineers working in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities and academia.

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