Yash Sabharwal, PhD QbDVision, Inc.

Co-founder, CEO, and Product Visionary at QbDVision, Yash Sabharwal, is a successful serial entrepreneur tackling complex problems in the life sciences industry. In his previous role as a pharma executive overseeing product development activities, Yash realized the industry had a data culture problem, especially within the CMC workstreams of product development. There were no software tools to aggregate and consolidate all of the CMC data and information generated over the development lifecycle. Yash started the QbDVision project in 2017 to tackle this problem. Today, QbDVision is a rapidly growing, cloud-based software platform solving the operational challenges of process development, scale-up and optimization, characterization, and tech transfer into commercial manufacturing operations with special attention to data culture and data integrity.

Prior to starting QbDVision, Yash was a co-founder at Xeris Pharmaceuticals which is a public company today with registered products for the treatment of severe hypoglycemia and Cushing's disease. Yash co-founded his first company, Optical Insights, in 1997 to solve imaging challenges in biomedical applications. Optical Insights was acquired by Roper Industries in 2005.

Yash has a B.S. in Optics from the University of Rochester and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona.