Teresa Riccioni Particle Measuring Systems

Teresa earned her Master's Degree in Biological Science at the University of Rome “La Sapienza.” She began her career in in the field of biomedical research, getting a post-doctoral fellowship in the Gene Therapy laboratory of Cardiovascular Science, NIA, NIH, Baltimore, USA. She continued her professional career doing basic research in academic institutes and as laboratory chief in pre-clinical pharmacology in the R&D Department of a Pharmaceutical Industry. Her experience in pharmaceutical production support and quality assurance started in 2013, working as production assistant and later as sterility assurance officer and liquid sterile drugs. During these years, she gained the experience about microbiological aspects of aseptic production processes and quality management system implementation. Today, Teresa is the Global Pharma GMP Advisor for Particle Measuring Systems. In this role, she collaborates and consults with pharmaceutical companies to develop and implement science-based strategies, principles to monitor, control, and improve process and environmental quality assurance.