Sebastien Koch Merck KGaA

Sébastien has over 18 years’ field experience in visual Inspection. In 2000 he began his career for Eli Lilly as specialist in Vision technology to carry out Automated Visual Inspection Machines (AVIM) qualification, maintenance and continuous improvement. In 2010, as Green Belt Six Sigma Sébastien became lean manufacturing engineer to drive operational excellence. In 2012, his strong experience and recognized expertise in Visual Inspection allowed him to take the lead as Responsible Engineer. This overall function enable him to lead global equipments effectiveness, to define equipment’s strategy, to develop networking and partnership with AVIM manufacturers. Inr 2016, Sébastien joined Merck in Switzerland to support the Aubonne site development as a driver of change and progress. Responsible of the visual Inspection equipments, he leads the strategic roadmap for long term perspectives, the validation strategy and the permanent competitiveness improvements of the manufacturing processes for quality and cost efficiency. Since 2020, Sébastien lead the initial qualification team dedicated to Merck Aubonne site investments from biotech up to packaging projects.