Sanket H. Jadhav Sartorius

Sanket H. Jadhav was born and brought up in Pune, India. Sanket started with his academic career with a Bachelors in Biotechnology and Masters in Bioprocess Engineering. Professionally, he started at Biocon as a Senior Process Engineer for the manufacturing of Insulin and designing Asia's largest Insulin manufacturing plant for them. Sanket has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Australia where he worked extensively on downstream processing of proteins, and mathematical modelling and simulation of chromatographic operations. He moved to the Netherlands after his PhD and executed multiple projects as a consultant in design, equipment, facilities, and process development for clients from Europe and USA. Currently, Sanket holds a position of an external collaboration manager at Sartorius focusing on working with collaborators across the globe for protein and viral based therapies to generate scientific data for setting up a better marketing horizon for Sartorius systems. With knowledge and experience gained in the last 10 years of his work from R&D to manufacturing for DSP and USP of biologicals, Sanket’s interest and passion is to drive end to end solutions in bio processing through intensification to target affordability and accessibility for all.