Rosemary Orciari Pfizer

Rosemary Orciari is the Pfizer, Inc. PharmSci Quality Assurance Lead for Digital Quality, Advanced Manufacturing, and Strategic Compliance. Her team is chartered to be inspirational catalysts accelerating Pfizer’s digital evolution and innovative manufacturing platforms to power breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. The team is creating an ecosystem where Quality processes are electronic, intelligent & intuitive, data is secure, reusable, and relevant; and advanced manufacturing platforms are accelerated through innovative technologies and regulatory pathways. Rosemary is currently on an assignment within the Pfizer CMC Advisory Office, a team of subject matter experts tasked with Leading the Way in Regulatory CMC Excellence including Global Harmonization; Modality, Technology & Regulatory Innovation; and External Engagement. She is currently participating in multiple industry teams including PhRMA ICH Q9, Q12 and Q13 teams, iQ Quality Leadership Group and the ISPE Portable / Point of Care PQLI team.