Nick Carrara, MSc Matchstick

Nick Carrara is an Insights Manager at Matchstick, with experience in user research studies and empathy-building programs to create better delivery devices for infusion, inhalation, and injection.

Nick’s work with pharma clients spans HCP and patient research, translation to user requirements, and creation of target product profiles for devices, containers, and molecules. His work on patient-centered design initiatives for pharma clients empowers scientists and engineers to incorporate end-user insights early in the drug and device development process.

Prior to Matchstick, Nick worked as a translational research scientist for Prolong Pharmaceuticals in clinical biomarker and formulation development for PEGylated molecules. He is the author of 2 peer-reviewed publications and 7 international and regional conference presentations.

He received his BS in Biology from Longwood University and his MS in Biology from The University of Kentucky.