Liang Fang PhD GSK

Dr. Liang Fang earned his B.S degree in Chemistry from Peking University in year 1997. He earned his Ph.D. degree in the field of Materials Chemistry/Surface Chemistry from University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2003. Dr. Fang joined Arkema Inc. as a Material Scientist in year 2005 and his specialties there were polymeric materials and coatings. He began to work for West Pharmaceutical Services from year 2015 as a Senior Research Scientist in the field of primary packaging systems (vials and pre-filled syringes/cartridges). He was promoted to Principal Research Scientist role in 2017 and then into Technical Director’s position in year 2020. He is an expert in the field of drug-packaging compatibility, which covers a wide range of small molecules and large biological molecules. Dr. Fang joined GSK in 2022 as an Associate Director in Sterile Packaging Technology Division. He is a frequently invited speaker at international PDA and MRS conferences and had published many peer-reviewed papers in well-established journals. In 2021, he received Frederick D. Simon Award for the best paper published in the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. He also published a US patent and a few provisional patents in the field of primary packing components.