Leslie A. Furr, MS, SM (NRCM) US Pharmacopeia

Leslie Furr is an Associate Scientific Liaison to the Compendial Sciences-General Chapters group at the United States Pharmacopeial Convention.  She has been with USP since 2018 where she is a liaison to the Packaging and Distribution, Dosage Forms, and Microbiology Expert Committees.  Before becoming a liaison at USP she was an Expert Committee volunteer for the Chemical Medicines group with expertise in antibiotic testing.   She holds a certification from the American Society for Microbiology as a Specialist Microbiologist in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device since 2012.  Prior to working at USP, she was a Senior Microbiologist in the pharmaceutical industry where she spent 14 years in method development, R&D, and manufacturing support for non-sterile products.  She obtained her B.S. in Microbiology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and her M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Florida.