Jean-Pol Cassart, PhD GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines

Jean-Pol Cassart obtained his PhD in Molecular Genetics at the University of Namur (Belgium) in 1996. He worked on the transcriptional regulation in yeast in collaboration with the University of Uppsala where he conducted the final part of the lab work. After his PhD, Jean-Pol was Professor Assistant in the University of Reims in France, working on the defense mechanism in plants. Jean-Pol joined GSK Vaccines in 1998 where he was initially involved in cancer antigen discovery programs. In a second phase, Jean-Pol moved to the R&D Virology Department where he was responsible for the genetic characterization of viral vaccines and development of molecular clinical read-outs. In a third phase, he worked in the Quality Control Department of GSK Vaccines based in Wavre, Belgium where he was involved in the development and the implementation of novel analytical methods for QC testing. Currently, Jean-Pol is responsible for Viral Safety in the Global Quality Control Department of GSK Vaccines.