Imad Sallit, PhD Novartis

Imad Sallit has been with Novartis for 4 years in the manufacturing science and technologies department. He is currently Senior Technical Steward Devices at Stein in Switzerland he is in charge of the technical transfer of the medical device combination product from development to technical operations, Process Qualification, Validation and ongoing process scale-up and improvement

Imad holds a PhD in Material Sciences from the University of Technology of Compiegne, France with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Aleppo University, Syria. He has gained deep experience in medical devices design & development and a solid knowledge of parenteral drug delivery systems. Imad is experienced in product and process supports, operational and manufacturing leadership.

Imad thrives to establish medical devices (mass production) as a factor of competitiveness and commercial advantage at the heart of the added value for the pharmaceutical industry business.