Fernand Koert PharmaSolution BV Netherlands

Fernand was born in the Hague, Netherlands and started his academic career at the Technical University of Delft to study Electronics. Due to personal circumstances changed to chemical industry. He completed career stages from shift leader to assistant plant manager. After gaining extensive practical experience, he started studying Process Technology at the Maritime Faculty in Amsterdam, graduating Cum Laude and University of Amsterdam, working as a process engineer thereafter.

In 2000, Fernand became a freelancer helping companies to set up practical training programs for operators. At Teva Pharmaceuticals, he did the same and became head of the packaging department in 2003. In 2005, he returned to technical engineering by assuming responsibility for reshaping and automation of packaging lines. Since 2011, Fernand has been specializing in vision technology, improving and sampling for test kits and validation. SAVI and AVI.

In 2014, he started as a consultant with GSK, developing recipes for Seidenader AVI, first in Belgium, and then for GSK in Dresden, Germany, and worked there as of 2018 as a senior engineer responsible for AVI process improvement and validation. As of September 2022 he restarted his own company and started as a consultant again. First assignment: GSK St-Foy Quebec Canada, working with Seidenader and Brevetti machines.