Christina Y. Scully, MS Bristol Myers Squibb

The VP Internal Manufacturing and Supply Chain Quality, provides strategic and operational direction to ensure reliable supply and consistent product quality and regulatory compliance at all internal Global Product Development & Supply (GPS) facilities as well as In-Market/Affiliate locations globally. (S)he is responsible for assuring quality and compliance within worldwide health authority requirements and evolving expectations.

This role oversees internal site and affiliate quality and compliance operations to assure that all products are manufactured, tested, stored and distributed in accordance with regulatory and company standards, guidelines and procedures, and meet the requirements of the domestic and international regulatory agencies. Oversees systematic implementation of programs to assure compliance with all principles of current Good Manufacturing Practices, and to proactively ensure exceptional quality and compliance performance and prevent regulatory actions.

The VP Internal Manufacturing & Supply Chain Quality serves as a senior member of BMS Global Quality Leadership team and acts with the grant of authority for the Chief Quality Officer, BMS.