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PDA Interest Group Leader Responsibilities

To provide focus, structure, scientific leadership, consistency and direction to PDA activities, conferences, courses and publications.

In addition Interest Group Leaders will:

  • Lead PDA Interest Group meetings at least once a year at a major PDA conference and maintain a formal schedule of additional meetings.
  • Work with the Section Leader to provide topics and if requested to support interest group focused conferences.
  • Create an agenda prior to each interest group meeting including establishing and reporting on action items.
  • Obtain speakers and or moderators for the Interest Group meeting when necessary.
  • Provide an Interest Group meeting summary and an update of PDA activities related to the Interest Group or Section for the website.
  • Communicate with the IGSC and other PDA Interest Group Leaders about various mechanisms to improve the operations of PDA Interest Groups.
  • Facilitate selection of relevant topics and goals for the Interest group.
  • Recommend topics and topic experts for SAB, BioAB, PAB, EAB, TRIAB or RAQC driven tasks.
  • Establish working plans for achieving goals determined by the PDA Interest Group.
  • Interface with conference Program Planning Committees and fully participate in the decisions and actions of these committees to assure that the Interest Group topics are realized in conference programs.

PDA Interest Group Membership

PDA Interest Group membership is open to all active members of PDA.

  • To join an Interest Group a member may:
    • Attend a PDA Interest Group meeting at a PDA event.
    • Join the Interest Group via the PDA Website.
    • Contact PDA directly by telephone, e-mail, fax or regular mail to provide the needed information to join.
  • The PDA Staff Liaison, appointed by the responsible PDA department head, will be responsible for maintaining a list of Interest Group members.

Responsibilities of PDA

PDA will provide logistical support to PDA Interest Groups that will include:

  • Allocating time and rooms during major conferences and for on-site meetings at PDA headquarters.
  • Providing teleconference logistics when face to face meetings are not feasible.
  • Maintaining records of the activities and membership.
  • Assisting in the coordination and facilitation of communication between PDA Interest Groups and related groups and their members.
  • Providing relevant information about PDA activities, programs, and publications that will be of interest to PDA Interest Groups and related groups.
  • Following up on communication and reporting.
  • Providing a website for PDA Interest Groups.  The website will be used as the main vehicle for the dissemination of information, and activities as well as interaction for PDA Interest Groups members. The website will be managed by the PDA staff liaison with content update provided by PDA Interest Groups.