PDA Onsite Training

The bio/pharmaceutical industry is evolving at record pace, accelerated by the challenges of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, it is important of companies to invest in practical, hands-on training to ensure the continued success of their operations.

PDA can deliver the professional training your company needs in the format that works best for you and your employees. Select one of our standard training courses we offer, and we will work with you to modify the training course to suit the specific needs of your company.

Best of all? PDA Onsite Training can be offered at your facility, our training facility, or virtually.

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Our trainers are prepared to travel to your facility, but if travel is not an issue, we can provide your custom hands-on, experiential training at our training facility, the PDA Training and Research Institute. Fully equipped, our training facility enables attendees to apply their classroom-acquired knowledge and gain actual experience operating equipment typical of that used in the manufacture and testing of drug products. The training facility also houses classrooms for lecture-based learning and attendee break areas.

If the current environment makes in-person training impossible, we can offer the same, high-quality customized training in a fully virtual format, incorporating activities and exercises that preserve the important interactive nature of the content. Many of our virtual training courses also provide the attendees with prepared “kits” in advance so they can follow along with the trainers and have the same learn-by-doing experience they would have in person.

No matter the venue, PDA can help you improve your processes and empower your employees with our custom solutions and training!


Modify the training to suit your organization's needs


Choose the time and place that best works for your team

Cost Effective

Significantly reduce travel expenses and time away from the office

Onsite training designed and delivered just for you.

Give your employees what they need to succeed!

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