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2009 Archive

  • January 2009
    In the January issue of the PDA Letter, the 2009 Board of Directors is highlighted, and PDA’s Bob Dana and Rich Levy take a look back at 2008 and forward to 2009. PDA’s Hassana Howe writes about ways to join PDA’s electronic networks, and PDA’s Walt Morris writes about a strategic way to engage...
  • February 2009
    While you are inside waiting for the snow to melt, take a look at the February issue of the PDA Letter. This issue features three articles on supply chain. This compelling issue also has an article in it about GSK’s approach to campaigning with RABS.
  • March 2009
    This meaty issue of the PDA Letter gives an exclusive look at the comments on process validation PDA submitted to the U.S. FDA, as well as a feature story detailing how PDA has responded to the release of the draft. This edition is our show issue for the 2009 PDA Annual Meeting, so you can find articles..
  • April 2009
    The April PDA Letter considers if "It's Time to Get Rapid," a cover story from Michael Miller, PhD, Microbiology Consultants, LLC, on the benefits of Rapid Microbiological Methods (RMMs). In addition, a “Technology Trend” explores the types and applications of RMMs, and an article in the Quality...
  • May 2009
    This issue of the PDA Letter features a two-part report on how industry, regulators and the pharmacopeias are working together to manage implementation issues regarding USP’s soon to be revised chapter on heavy metals and the recently revised chapter on residual solvents.
  • June 2009
    The June issue of the PDA Letter recaps the 2009 PDA Annual meeting the plenary sessions of the annual meeting, which included predictions about the future of health care and where the pharmaceutical industry is headed with respect to the use of technology.
  • July-August 2009
    On the cover of the July/August issue of the PDA Letter, Editor Walter Morris writes about the concomitant appointment of a new editor and the launch of a new website for the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology.
  • September 2009
    Edwin Rivera Martinez, U.S. FDA, and Gordon Munro, Watson Pharmaceuticals reflect on nearly a decade of GMPs for APIs in the September PDA Letter cover story, “ICH Q7: A Worldwide Guide.” The two ICH Q7 Expert Working Group members participated in the interview with PDA to provide their insight into...
  • October 2009
    The latest PDA Letter features a discussion about solutions to mitigate glass breakage that the Prefilled Syringes Interest Group held at the 2009 PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference. The cover story is about PDA’s new President, Richard Johnson, and his first “President’s Message” appears inside.
  • November-December 2009
    The PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference and PDA/EMEA Joint Conference are the focus our last issue this year. Several reports and an expanded, 11-page “Faces and Places” document the two events. The issue also includes a special report on the economic state of the industry,...

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