PDA Letter Article

When Microbiologists Collaborate, Great Things Happen

by Marsha Steed (Hardiman), ValSource

There are numerous challenges that are not always easy for pharmaceutical microbiologists to resolve on their own. Quality management. Microbial control. Environmental monitoring. How can microbiologists address these challenges?

Collaboration is the answer. For example, a successful investigation can never be performed by one department. It requires cross-functional support and collaboration to ensure that true root causes are found and that corrective actions are put in place to prevent recurrence of unwanted events.


To highlight the importance of collaboration in microbiology, the theme of this year’s 12th Annual PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology is “Solving Microbiological Challenges and Sustaining Success through a Culture of Collaboration.”

Concurrent sessions will focus on current hot topics and challenges in microbiology such as mold contamination and contamination control, combination products, nonsterile products, environmental monitoring, quality management, innovations, biotechnology, and data integrity. Plenary sessions will cover U.S. FDA and USP updates, human drug compounding regulations, emerging leaders in microbiology, a patient perspective and the challenges of antibiotic resistance. Throughout these sessions will be opportunities for attendees to discuss and collaborate on solutions to these topics of concern.

Successful collaboration also includes cooperation between regulators and industry; therefore, the tradition of closing the meeting with an “Ask the Regulators” session will continue as this session offers attendees the opportunity to ask regulators questions directly.

Recent graduates, benchtop microbiologists, supervisors, managers, directors, executives, vendors and regulators will all collaborate at this year’s conference. Mark your calendars and come collaborate and network with us in October.

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