PDA Letter Article

Voices of the Board: The PDA Foundation

by Bettine Boltres, West Pharmaceutical Services

Bettine BoltresGetting your career started in our pharmaceutical industry can take quite an effort, especially in this digital age. There are so many platforms, organizations, conferences and topics out there, it is hard to know where to turn.

At PDA, we strive to connect People, Science, and Regulations to promote innovation and to shape the future of a modern pharmaceutical industry. One way to accomplish this is taking care of all early-career professionals in our industry. They need proper training and education to build the technical competency to be able to contribute to our future. Yet not everyone has easy access to education and training, individually or through their companies.

The PDA Foundation was formed for this reason—to focus on pharmaceutical education, training and research. Funded by the generosity of our donors, the PDA Foundation champions programs that create opportunity, diversity and success within the global pharmaceutical industry by advancing, disseminating and applying the knowledge that will benefit our industry and the patients we serve.

This Foundation support might be extended through an educational grant that provides hands-on training using the PDA training facilities or through the deployment of training for regulatory agencies. In the past, these funds have largely been used toward the installation of a hands-on isolator and training facilities to support the educational needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Another method of providing support is by funding general research that will benefit the entire industry. This can help reduce the cost of the overall innovation process for the industry and support regulatory change.

So, how can you contribute to this mission?

  • You can submit a donation to the Foundation, either as an individual or through your company.
  • You can send us your industry-advancing research project to be supported.
  • You can donate or ask for an educational grant to attend one of the many PDA training programs.

The PDA Foundation donation website also provides an opportunity for identification of the specific focus for your contribution: future workforce development, education, training, research or general funding. Please visit the Foundation website to learn more, hear stories from those who have benefitted from the Foundation and make your own donation!