PDA Letter Article

Voice of the Board: Election for Board of Directors — It is time for you to vote!

by Jette Christensen, Immediate-Past-Chair

Jette ChristensenVoting is now open for the all-volunteer PDA Board of Directors. All PDA members in good standing can vote. The polls close on November 15. More information on the candidates and the link to cast your ballot can be found by clicking here.

Why should you vote?

Because it is you, the members, who drive the organization and, by voting, you help determine the composition of the Board of Directors (BoD) and set the direction for PDA’s future.

The PDA Organization

PDA has the following organizational structure:

As you can see, it is you – the members – who are on the top, and it is you who decide the composition of the BoD.

The Election

Three new directors (of 12 directors and 5 officers) are elected each year. In April, you were asked to suggest potential candidates and, based on those suggestions and evaluation of the candidates and the areas on which to focus, the Nominating Committee proposed a slate of candidates that the BoD has approved.

The Candidates

In general, candidates for the BoD must be able to fulfill these responsibilities:

  • Setting strategic direction for PDA and having oversight of the strategic plan
  • Fulfilling obligations and fiduciary duties (Duty of Loyalty, Care and Obedience)
  • Adopting rules and procedures for the conduct of business
  • Hiring and compensating the President
  • Providing leadership to the BoD committees

To ensure diversity, candidates are chosen from various geographical areas and types of companies with differing knowledge and work experiences.

Each of the nominees has the expertise, experience and capacity to make a significant contribution as a member of PDA’s governing body. And it is up to you to decide who will play a vital role in driving the future direction of PDA.

How to vote?

We encourage you to take a moment to vote for your candidates of choice. To learn more about the candidates, read their personal statements and click through to vote by clicking here.