PDA Letter Article

The PDA Community Remembers Long-Time Member and Publisher, Amy Davis

by PDA, Inc.

Author James Vesper, ValSource International, LLC

Two Saturdays ago, I received an email from Amy Davis’ son saying that she had passed away earlier that morning. Since then, I’ve spent time thinking of her and how much she meant to me and, I’m sure, to many others in the pharma and biopharma industry.

I first met Amy when she was publications director at Interpharm Press, part of Michael Anisfeld’s consulting firm. At the outset, I was captivated by her breadth of knowledge and interests. She was small in frame but had energy that positively touched anyone nearby. While she was at Interpharm, she published my first three books in the 1990s. Later, she started DHI Publications and worked with PDA, expanding their publishing efforts and creating a catalog of books by industry experts on a wide range of pharma and biopharma topics. We continued our collaboration there as I wrote several other books and chapters for book editors that I have long held in high regard.

Amy knew how to get me to do almost anything. While she had much patience with her writers, she definitely was able to push my buttons to get me moving. There were several occasions when I was not meeting my promises to submit a manuscript. She would casually mention that she had a book proposal on a similar topic from someone else, and she was thinking of accepting that unless I had something to her post-haste. She was someone who encouraged and prodded, and was able to get you to go beyond the limitations that you set for yourself.

But what I remember most about Amy were our frequent reconnections at industry conferences, like the PDA/FDA meetings each September in Washington, D.C. She knew everybody. It wasn’t gossip that she would share, but insights on what was going on in different parts of the industry. She was the consummate networker, introducing people to each other, hoping and watching for a synergistic spark that she could enjoy. She could have a wicked-brilliant sense of humor that she dispatched over lunches or dinners. Getting together at meetings often involved some sort of an adventure in the evenings—a dinner at a new place away from the conference hotel or attending a reception—and her arching her eyebrows asking, “Ready?” that would prompt us leave to see a Cirque du Soleil performance or a show by Lypsinka.

Amy had a true love for the potential of the pharma and biopharma industry, often asking the question, “why not?” She usually was not just looking ahead, but wondering what was around the corners that could bring benefits or risks. She knew that information and knowledge needed to be widely shared and that sharing knowledge did not diminish its worth but could be a tool that improved health and lives.

She would often end a phone call by saying, “Carry on!” For me, at least, it is going to be hard not having her at the other end of a phone call or email. But thinking of her and what she has meant to me for more than 30 years will be the incentive I need to do just that.

Amy – many thanks and much love to you.

Author Jeanne Moldenhauer, Excellent Pharma Consulting

Amy has worked with PDA in many different ways over the years. For many years, she was Chapter Secretary for the PDA Midwest Chapter. She served tirelessly in that capacity. She also worked publishing books with Michael Anisfeld through Interpharm. Later, she established her own publishing company, Davis Healthcare International, who copublished a myriad of books of tremendous impact to the pharmaceutical industry. Her contributions to PDA will be sorely missed.

Author Maik Jornitz, G-CON Manufacturing, Inc.

The first time I met Amy was in 1994, being introduced to her by Dr. Theodore Meltzer, who proclaimed that I would be an excellent person to publish a book with. An overstatement as I had not yet written a single word for a book, nor a book chapter. But, as all of us authors and editors know, when Amy hears or sees a person with the slightest idea for a book, she encouraged you for years to put it on paper. She prevailed, and I followed her encouragement, a journey of six books and three book chapters. A journey I never regret, moreover, I treasure as Amy has been the most patient, encouraging, guiding, but also insistent publishing partner.

Amy, a joy to reflect with on the written past, but also intensely passionate about the needs for the future. A gentle giant with the broadest knowledge about our industry. So soft-spoken, but so incredibly impactful. She left a footprint in my life, and I will dearly miss her! Conferences and writing will not be same, as we lost a friend, a partner, an adviser and heartfelt mentor!

Author Russell Madsen, The Williamsburg Group, LLC

Amy was small in stature, but she had a heart the size of Montana and enthusiasm to match. She was also a stickler for good grammar and punctuation, as I recall. Amy worked with me to publish several PDA/DHI books along the way. She served on PDA’s Technical Book Advisory Board, developing ideas for new publications and working with potential authors to make the books a reality. She was a real contributor. She was my friend. I miss her.

Richard Johnson, PDA President & CEO

I first met Amy when she was still with Interpharm Press, and she was warm and welcoming to a newbie in her stable of editors and contributors. When I joined PDA, I was pleased to be able to spend more time with her as a partner in promoting the DHI books. Amy was always there for PDA in promoting our activities and she was a joy to see at meetings that she frequently attended. Her knowledge of our community, her positive demeanor, and her soft-spoken but powerful way of supporting the advancement of knowledge in our industry leave big shoes to fill. I will miss her, and our community will as well. Our best wishes for her family, and I hope they can take some comfort from knowing how much she was respected.

PDA, Inc.

We thank the above volunteers and staff for sharing their thoughts on Amy Davis. She will be missed and always remembered!