PDA Letter Article

The Future of Pharma is Coming to Europe

by Borke Van Belle, Janssen J&J, and Toni Manzano, Bigfinite

Industry 4.0

Thanks to advances in technology, such as artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0, the pharmaceutical sector is undergoing unprecedented transformation. This includes digitalization and automation of the sup-ply chain and an evolution from tradition-al medicines to more precise, personalized care. The boundaries between diagnostics, devices and drugs are fading—competitors now include nontraditional players like IBM, Apple and Google.

New opportunities in connectivity have risen as patients increasingly turn to newly affordable wearable devices, allowing them to treat conditions in real time.

Supply routes to end users have also trans-formed due to the Web-based industry. Pharmaceutical players continue to experience increasing attention for sustainability such as maximizing energy efficiency for pharmaceutical manufacturing and sustainability for supply chains.

It goes without saying that the healthcare industry plays an important part in the culture of Europe and remains a key as-set to the regions’ economy. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry is the leading technology sector with the highest add-value per worker (1). But as Europe faces competition from emerging economies like India and China, the industry must keep advancing in the newest technologies to stay competitive worldwide.

These improvements cannot be achieved by one group or organization, rather this will take efforts from everyone in the industry. The 4th PDA Europe Annual Meeting will bring together regulators, suppliers, industry leaders, technologists and patients to share their experiences, discuss the latest emerging technologies, and share new concepts and solutions. There will be representatives from around the world and from all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry. There is plenty to discuss, plenty to learn, and plenty to share and the organizers look forward to seeing everyone at this seminal meeting!


  1. The 2015 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard, European Commission

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