PDA Letter Article

Prefilled Syringes Bring Patient to the Forefront

by Mathias Romacker, Pfizer, and Hanns-Christian Mahler, Lonza

The prefilled syringe segment of our industry is undergoing a shift. There are new applications, challenges, and opportunities for the patient-device interface, particularly around the emerging demand to address new needs and integrate novel disruptive technologies into smart devices.

So, how can manufacturers learn about these latest trends in this innovative segment of the industry?

The theme of this year’s Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices is “Improving Patient Outcomes with Innovative Drug Delivery.” This conference and exhibition will offer a look at current global trends surrounding prefilled syringes as well as their future outlook, including the impact of regulatory and market changes on future healthcare needs and opportunities.

Insulin Pen Prefilled

With more and more biologics in the development pipeline for treating chronic diseases, greater attention is being paid to the self-injection user experience, and hence, the patient outcome. One track will explore how prefilled syringe manufacturers can address the new paradigm of patient-centric devices. Another track will address global regulations. Higher doses for monoclonals come with novel challenges regarding API, stability, viscosity, volume, and formulation. Regulators ask for zero defects, product without visible particles and, ultimately, Quality by Design. This track will cover many aspects of successful integrating novel disruptions while delivering to meet the latest regulatory demands.

The last track will focus on business development and marketing. What tools are becoming available for successful product launches and lifecycle management? What to make of the trend that IV drugs move into the self-injected SC space? Also, what does program management need to know to shepherd a combination product through commercialization? And how does a company raise, allocate, and deploy capital in the most efficient manner to be successful in the device space?

Find answers to these pressing questions by attending the Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices.