PDA Letter Article

PDA’s Honor Awards Program

by Trevor Swan, PDA

As a membership organization, PDA has long recognized that the strong leadership, dedication, and selfless contributions by member volunteers is the primary driving force that has and will continue to ensure PDA’s successes.

PDA’s desire to ensure that the great work and accomplishments of its volunteers in support of the organization’s mission and vision were appropriately acknowledged as part of PDA’s legacy, PDA established the Honor Awards Program in 1958.

Over the last 75 years, foundational thought leaders have helped to shape PDA as an organization while significantly advancing its mission. Several of the awards bear their names to recognize their important contributions and to provide motivational energy for volunteerism across the PDA community.

The contributions of many of these leaders have been recently highlighted in PDA’s celebration of its 75th anniversary to educate and further inspire PDA membership on our important history and to underscore how everyone can play a role in PDA’s ongoing success.

Taking a Renewed Look at a Legacy Program

Since the inception of the Honor Awards, PDA has grown, in stature, in influence, and in global representation to deliver on our mission to our stakeholders in the parenteral industry. In acknowledgement of this expansion and to ensure that the Honor Awards are accurately representing all the contributions of PDA volunteers across the organization, the 2020 PDA Honors Awards Committee was charged by the PDA Board of Directors to assess, update, and re-introduce the Honor Awards.

Through diligent work, the Committee comprehensively updated the awards to provide increased clarity and consistency regarding the qualification criteria of each of the awards. In addition, three new awards, the Asia Pacific Appreciation Award, Outstanding Early Career Professional Award, and the Chapter of the Year Award have been added to enable PDA’s expanded awards scope.

There are now 17 awards to recognize such exceptional volunteer efforts, including longtime distinguished service, and contributions to advancing such areas as international activities, pharmaceutical sciences, and packaging science. View the Honor Award descriptions here. 

Improving Recognition through Expanded Reach

Member feedback made it clear that additional focus and attention to these awards is required to ensure that the Honor Awards better represent and recognize the diverse contributions of a wider representation of PDA members across all sectors of the industry and the globe. As a result, PDA is expanding its efforts to more widely solicit nominations so that a broader group of candidates can be recognized.

If you would like to highlight your achievements and/or those of your mentors, supervisors, staff, or colleagues, we encourage you to submit a nomination! Please submit your nominations no later than 15 November 2021.

If you have questions regarding the Honor Awards Program or the nomination process, please contact [email protected].