PDA Letter Article

PDA Launches New Tiered Membership Structure

by Jette Christensen, PhD, Immediate Past Chair

Since its founding more than 75 years ago, PDA has established itself as the global provider of science, technology, regulatory information, and education for the industry. PDA serves its members and the pharmaceutical manufacturing community by keeping up with – and providing valuable resources that address – the latest industry advances. However, over all those years, the options for PDA membership have not shown the same evolution.

Until now.

In recent years, our members around the world have indicated that they would like to see more flexible membership options. They requested more options for membership categories that better align with the benefits they are using.

You asked, we listened!

After careful consideration, the PDA Board of Directors decided that the time was right to update the PDA membership structure. One of our goals has always been to meet the ever-changing needs of our members. Ensuring that new and renewing members alike were able to select a membership option that best suits their needs is indeed consistent with this goal.

I am pleased that our Board of Directors initiated this process during my tenure and extremely grateful to and proud of all of the PDA staff who made this new and exciting membership structure a reality.

What does the new structure mean for you?

You can now join PDA or renew your membership under the membership category for which you are eligible. In addition, this new structure offers a choice of three different tiers, Essential, Plus, and Premium, which give you the flexibility to choose the membership tier that includes the benefits you use most.

The cost of membership is based on the benefits provided in that tier, and all new and renewing members are still eligible for any discounts applicable to their membership category.

So far, the feedback on this new structure has been extremely positive. In fact, there were many members who typically would have renewed early, but instead “held out” till the new structure launched so they could take advantage of it immediately!

We are hopeful that by introducing new price points, we have made it easier for students, early career professionals, and other industry professionals for whom the cost of membership may have been a barrier, to gain access to select PDA benefits.

If you want to learn more about this new structure, I encourage you to visit pda.org/joinrenew.

If you still have questions, please reach out to the Membership Department at [email protected] for further assistance.

I hope you will find that this new, flexible membership structure better meets your individual needs.

To us, it is yet another example of PDA’s ongoing effort to better Connect People, Science, and Regulation©.