PDA Letter Article

PDA "Just Right" for John Shabushnig

by PDA, Inc.

After determining the Machine Vision Association was too “automotive” and AAPS was too “development,” John Shabushnig decided that PDA was “just right”...well, after it was agreed to hold a breakfast session on visual inspection at the Annual Meeting.

John arrived at his first PDA Annual Meeting hoping the “inspections session” would satisfy his quest to find like-minded individuals dealing with parenteral visual inspection, but quickly realized the session was on FDA inspections. Not to be deterred, he spoke with PDA leaders like Bob Dana and Russ Madsen about holding a breakfast session the following year on visual inspection. They were delighted at the idea. Today, PDA sponsors a conference on visual inspection and offers hands-on courses at the Training and Research Institute. And all of it is still spearheaded by John Shabushnig!

In fact, John was at TRI in November when he agreed to travel from the first floor to the sixth floor of PDA’s HQ in Bethesda, Md., to participate in this edition of the Past Leader Spotlight.

John’s expertise and leadership on this important topic led to election to the PDA Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and then Chair. John also has the distinction of being the only PDA Chair whose Chair Reception at the PDA Annual Meeting was shut down by hotel security…and in Vegas of all places! But that’s what happens when your party spills out into the hallways.