PDA Letter Article

PDA Honor Awards: Honorary Membership

by Rebecca Stauffer, PDA

Each week, the PDA Letter will publish announcements for the winners of the 2019 Honor Awards. PDA thanks all of the recipients for their contributions to the Association.

This is PDA’s most prestigious award, conferring lifetime membership benefits to the recipient, given in recognition of long service significant in nature to PDA and requires unanimous approval from the Board of Directors. For 2019, PDA confers this honor on Hal Baseman and Yoshihito Hashimoto.

Hal BasemanA former Chair, Hal has been instrumental in developing and leading the PDA Education courses on aseptic processing. His volunteer service for PDA has ensured the Association remains a leader in the area of aseptic processing. He continues to support other efforts for PDA in this area.

Yoshihito served on the Board of Directors from 2003 to 2007. He has also served on program planning committees for PDA events in Asia. Additionally, he has participated on numerous regulatory commenting teams. His volunteer work has helped expand PDA’s Yoshihito Hashimotopresence in the Asia Pacific region.