PDA Letter Article

Past Leader Spotlight: Rebecca Devine from FDA CBER to PDA Chair

by Walter Morris, PDA Inc. 

Former Chair Becky Devine addressing the 2018 PDA Annual MeetingRebecca Devine has made the relatively easy commute many times from her home in suburban Washington to Bethesda, home of PDA’s U.S. Headquarters. As a speaker, leader of programming committees, advisory board and task force participant, then as a director and executive committee member, and later as Chair, Rebecca has done it all for PDA. She recently visited Headquarters once again to sit down with us and discuss her experiences as a leader in the community. And, even though her term as Immediate Past Chair concludes in December, she has made it clear that she’s not done yet!

Rebecca started with PDA while still with the U.S. FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER). She fondly remembers almost every detail of her first presentation at a PDA conference, the PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference. Not long after that talk, Rebecca began volunteering with PDA in many capacities while pursuing a new career as a regulatory consultant.

In 2004, Rebecca was first elected to the PDA Board of Directors and has served in this role ever since. As her term as Immediate Past Chair comes to an end, Rebecca is certainly the longest-serving PDA director of all time. She is also the first female Immediate Past Chair to be followed in office by two other women.

Please enjoy our conversation with this impressive PDA “Past” Leader.