PDA Letter Article

Past Leader Spotlight: Nikki Mehringer, Volunteered to Volunteer

by Walter Morris, PDA Inc.   

When Nikki Mehringer became PDA Chair in 2004, it capped several years of service to the Association. She describes how a former supervisor put her name forth as the new leader of the new PDA QA/QC Interest Group. After she was selected, he informed Nikki of her new role! There was no looking back for Nikki from then on.

Nikki first experienced PDA through training on aseptic processing and then at the Annual Meeting. She knew from others at Eli Lilly that “PDA was the place to go” for knowledge on aseptic processing best practices.

Nikki joined the board at a time when not many women had served on it. As a trailblazer in that regard, she is thrilled by the current balance in the board.

PDA traveled to Indiana to interview Nikki in November. Glenn Wright, who served on the Board with Nikki, led the discussion. The interview was conducted adjacent to a busy hotel bar, as you’ll hear.

Please enjoy Glenn’s conversation with Nikki Mehringer.