PDA Letter Article

Hello PDA! A Formal Introduction to the PDA Letter

by Justin Johnson, Editor

Justin Johnson

Hello, PDA members! Firstly, allow me to introduce myself to you and this wonderful organization. My name is Justin Johnson, and I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, for most of my life. I have had a very fortunate career in editorial and have been in this field for the past five years, serving financial companies such as Agora Financial and S&P Global, to name a few. During my time at these institutions, I developed my skills in editing and writing technical documentation while also learning various ways of becoming a leader for any organization I sought after. Most of the time, I thought of myself as Captain America because I would frequently encourage and rally my team members to succeed in their work environment regardless of any challenge.

Nonetheless, of course, you may be asking yourself, “Well, why the PDA?” This is a fair point, and honestly, I would ask the same question if I were you. Leaving my last organization was difficult, and I correlate it with leaving the neighborhood you spent most of your life to suddenly finding yourself in an entirely different location – a new atmosphere. But, the members of the PDA, and even more specifically, the team who represents the PDA newsletter, made a foreign atmosphere seem extremely familiar. This organization has welcomed me with open arms, kindness and support, making me find a new place I can call home, for which I am extremely grateful.

I am excited to start my new journey here at the PDA as an Editor, and I wish to assist in bringing you the best content to the PDA Letter from the people you desire to hear from. Thank you for having me.