PDA Letter Article

Driving Positive Change in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing PDA Science Advisory Board Update 2024

by Justin Johnson, PDA, Inc.

The PDA Science Advisory Board (SAB) plays a very important role in providing scientific guidance and setting strategic direction for PDA on various technical topics related to pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality. As of 2024, the SAB is the longest-standing PDA Advisory Board, with 22 members representing 19 industry companies. The leadership of the SAB is headed by Gabriele Gori as the Chair, with Ivy Louis and Greg Bassett serving as Vice Chair and Past Chair.

The SAB has outlined strategic goals aimed at driving positive change in the industry. These goals focus on key areas, such as aseptic processing, sterility assurance, microbiological testing, manufacturing and packaging, product quality analysis and testing, and analytical method development. These goals underscore SAB’s commitment to enhancing industry practices and ensuring quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

In addition, in 2023, the SAB achieved significant milestones, including strengthening relationships with PDA Chapters, providing industry-changing guidance, supporting Interest Groups and emphasizing digital transformation through initiatives, such as machine learning, digital twins and artificial intelligence. The SAB also published critical publications, such as Technical Report (TR) No. 90: Contamination Control Strategy Development in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, TR No. 43 Identification and Classification of Nonconformities in Moulded and Tubular Glass Containers for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Points to Consider No. 1: Aseptic Processing.

Looking ahead, the SAB has laid out upcoming initiatives for 2024, which include fostering stronger relationships between the SAB and PDA Chapters, enhancing industry guidance, revitalizing Interest Groups, conducting forward-focused skills assessment for candidates and ensuring alignment of publications with current industry best practices and regulatory guidelines.

Overall, the PDA SAB's dedication to scientific excellence and commitment to driving innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing reaffirms its pivotal role in shaping the industry's future. With a focus on collaboration, expertise and continuous improvement, SAB remains at the forefront of advancing quality and excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing practices.