PDA Letter Article

Biopharma Offers New Opportunities

by Cristiana Campa, GSK, and Michael De Felippis, Eli Lilly and Company


Biopharmaceutical products have become increasingly important medicinal tools within the past 40 years. The ability of these products to address previously untreatable diseases, coupled with their favorable safety and efficacy profiles, has driven consumer demand. The market for biopharmaceuticals was valued at $218 million USD in 2017, with continued growth projected over the next decades. Further research into these products has led to improved manufacturing processes and enhanced product quality. Thanks to these improvements, sufficient quantities of highly purified biopharmaceuticals have reached the global supply chain. Regulators have also kept pace with these developments by establishing guidelines to ensure access to these innovative treatment options.

PDA has played an essential role in advancing the field of biopharmaceuticals as well by arranging conferences, workshops and training courses covering general areas of manufacturing technology, quality control and regulation of biopharmaceutical products. Meetings have focused on vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and related technical disciplines, such as pharmaceutical microbiological control, expanding opportunities for dialogue among academia, industry and regulators. These are just a few examples of how PDA has helped to define best practices and promote the sharing of knowledge in the biopharmaceutical field.

Recognizing the critical role that pharmaceutical manufacturing will continue to play in enabling future biopharmaceutical innovation, PDA Europe is introducing a new conference series spotlighting the science and technology of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The inaugural BioManufacturing conference will be held in Germany in September 2019. This event will provide a forum for communicating innovative approaches and discussing current and emerging topics related to process, product and analytics with particular emphasis on vaccines and therapeutic proteins. By combining several topic-specific conferences into a single meeting of broader scope, PDA wants to emphasize the important synergies connecting various product platforms and create opportunities to share experience and knowledge across multiple disciplines.

The BioManufacturing conference will feature both presentations and panel discussions as well as opportunities for PDA interest groups connected with biopharmaceutical manufacturing. An interactive session on facility design considerations will also be included in the program.

Representatives from industry, academia and regulatory agencies are invited to attend this unique event and consider presenting on the program.

Learn more about the BioManufacturing conference.