PDA Letter Article

Are You Up to Speed with Pharma’s Evolving Landscape?

by Magaly E. Aham, Takeda Pharmaceuticals


The complexity of emerging technologies in our industry creates a range of challenges. New therapies require specialized manufacturing technologies. Varying levels of risk present potential issues spanning the globe, such as the fact that regulatory approvals vary country by country in addition to distribution challenges in the ever-intricate supply chain.

Companies need to constantly evaluate how to do things better. Planning ahead is critical to enabling a continuous and secure supply chain that adapts to changes in regulations, technologies and market demand.

PDA is a leader in the industry, always seeking to provide members with ways to address both current and emerging challenges. Every year, the PDA Annual Meeting provides a venue for attendees to gain insight into the latest “hot topics” impacting the industry.

The 2019 PDA Annual Meeting’s theme is “Solving Manufacturing and Supply Challenges for Current and Future Medicinal Products.” The meeting features a packed agenda that provides the latest updates on disruptive technologies, innovative manufacturing technologies, rapid drug development and supply chain challenges.

The agenda also incorporates interest group presentations aligned with the theme, covering cell and gene therapies, technology transfer, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, filtration and microbiology. Finally, the conference concludes with case studies on disaster recovery strategies, including responses to recent natural disasters.

Anyone interested in gaining the latest information on upcoming manufacturing technologies should attend this meeting.

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