PDA Letter Article

Are You (and Pharma) Ready for the Future?

by Karen Walker, Seattle Genetics, and Tia Bush, Amgen

Industry 4.0

Welcome to the future! Are you ready? The pharmaceutical industry is being challenged, perhaps as never before, to remain relevant, current and capable to address the needs of patients.

Elements of this paradigm change including increasing globalization, better understanding of the science of disease and treatments/cures, patients with access to better information, digitization, automation, targeted treatments, the Internet of Things, manufacturing 4.0 …and so on. Elements of the past that get in the way of our industry being able to keep up with this evolution include an aging infrastructure, bureaucratic practices that impede adoption of enabling technology and a global regulatory framework frequently inflexible and difficult to navigate.

PDA has been at the forefront of continuous innovation in the pharmaceutical industry for decades. We welcome the opportunity to create diverse settings for the industry to come together to discuss and debate solutions to the real issues we are facing today and tomorrow. Through the flagship Annual Meeting, PDA sets the stage and provides venues for information exchange, discussion and exploration on topics related to the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

The 2019 PDA Annual Meeting, through a combination of plenary sessions, information tracks, interest group meetings and poster presentations, will give attendees the opportunity to engage on topics such as accelerating innovation, meeting the needs of patients at the bedside, leveraging data to drive agility in process development and product delivery and managing the regulatory framework to support rapid innovation. In addition, Day 3 of the 2019 PDA Annual Meeting will feature opportunities for young professionals to come together, be exposed to PDA’s membership, and present their ideas for the future through a special networking session, poster presentations and a Young Professionals track.

Our hope is that the topics, the venue, and your engagement will provide solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. Will you join us in shaping the future of the pharma industry for our patients?

Learn more about the 2019 PDA Annual Meeting.