PDA Letter Article

A Fond Farewell to Readers

by Rebecca Stauffer, PDA

I have had the pleasure to work on the PDA Letter since 2012 and oversee the publication as Managing Editor beginning in 2017.

It has been an honor to lead the PDA Letter through a number of major changes. In 2015, we expanded the online version of the Letter to include all print content to great fanfare. Previously, the online PDF and three select articles were published online.

That same year, I had the chance to become a scriptwriter, gaffer, location scout and even wardrobe consultant for the first in our “On the Issue” videos. Over time, our filming equipment has evolved from clamp lights purchased at a local hardware store to professional lighting equipment.

In addition to travelling to PDA’s U.S. conferences, it has been a pleasure travelling to cover conferences hosted by the PDA Europe staff. This includes meetings in Munich, London and Vienna.

Since March, I have witnessed the PDA community coming together to support each other even in the face of a grave pandemic. Recognizing that information is critical for the pharma industry right now, all new Letter content has been open access since the end of March. We continue to publish content supporting PDA members switching to work from home, dealing with remote inspections and facing greater manufacturing challenges such as higher absentee rates and social distancing.

We also just launched our second regional edition of the PDA Letter, aimed at audiences in Asia-Pacific countries. This follows the successful launch of the European regional edition in April. I am proud to have been part of expanding the global reach of the PDA Letter.

I am sad to leave my PDA family. I know the publication will be in good hands. Walter Morris, PDA’s Senior Director of Publishing and Press Relations, will resume his former role as Managing Editor in the interim.

These have been trying times of late and I am proud to have witnessed the industry come together to produce COVID-19 treatments on short notice and seek a potential vaccine. PDA has expanded its Web offerings to include webinars and online education courses; I consider the PDA Letter another great tool.

I will miss everyone and am proud to leave the Letter on a high note.