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2022 PDA Honor Awards: PDA Publications

by PDA, Inc.

This is the sixth installment of the PDA Letter's series featuring the winners of the 2022 Honor Awards, which were presented at the Honor Awards Ceremony at the 2023 PDA Annual Meeting. PDA thanks all of the recipients for their contributions to the Association.

Featured below are the winners of the various publication's awards. Next time: President's Award.

Frederick Simon Award

This award is presented annually for the best paper published in the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. It is named in honor of the late Frederick D. Simon, a previous PDA Director of Scientific Affairs.

100% Control of Controlled Ice Nucleation Vials by Camera-Supported Optical Inspection in Freeze-Drying

Julian Lengar

Lenger Julian

Raimund Geidobler

Geidobler Raimund

Werner Halbinger

Halbinger Werner

Ingo Presser

Presser Ingo

Gerhard Winter

Winter Gerhard

Marissa Rase

PDA Letter Article of the Year

This reward recognizes an article written by a PDA member during the preceding year that proved popular with PDA’s audience. In addition, the Managing Editor and the Editorial Committee agrees that the article represents quality work deserving of special recognition.

Zero Defect – A Competitive Advantage

Ruby Gulati

Ruby Gulati

Snehal Parikh

Snehal Parikh