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New PDA Membership Structure

PDA is Updating Its Membership Structure!

You asked, we listened!

In response to feedback from our members requesting options for membership categories that better align with the benefits they are using, PDA is introducing a new Membership structure, which will go into effect 13 June. We are excited to introduce this new structure to better meet the needs of our current and prospective members.

Find the Right Tier for You

The new structure will include three tiers, Essential, Plus, and Premium. For each tier, the cost of membership will be based on the benefits provided in that tier. Discounts for select membership categories will still apply.

Here is how the tiers will work, including the costs and benefits associated with each tier:

  Essential Plus Premium
Standard Member $150 $250 $350
Academic, Early Career, and Emerging Economy $75 $125 $245
Health Authority, Students, Retired Free Free $175
Membership Directory X X X
Vote in PDA elections and on proposed bylaws changes X X X
PDA Letter Online X X X
PDA Connect X X X
PDA Volunteer Opportunities X X X
Members-Only Discounts X X X
PDA Technical Publications Portal - view and annotate the full collection of TRs and PtCs online.   X X
PDA Journal - Limited Access   X X
Download new TRs/Surveys/PtC for free within 30 days     X
PDA Technical Reports - 1 free download of your choice from the existing TR/Survey/PtC library per year.     X
PDA Journal - Unlimited Access     X


  • Why is PDA making this change?

    We have been listening to feedback from our members. Consistently, our members have told us that they would appreciate more flexibility in their membership benefits. Some worry that they are paying for benefits that they do not use, while others would like more access to resources included with their dues without having to pay for additional resources separately. Nonmembers likewise have expressed that a lower-cost option for membership would make them more likely to join PDA.

  • What will happen with my existing membership?

    While the new tier structure will become available in Spring 2022, existing memberships will continue unchanged until the current expiration date. When your membership is due to expire, you may select the new membership tier that is right for you and renew your membership to that tier.

  • What if I decide in the middle of a membership year that I would like to move to a different tier to take advantage of more/fewer benefits?

    You will be able to upgrade your membership to a higher tier at any time by paying the difference in dues from your current tier, prorated based on the number of months left on your lower-tier membership. You will need to wait until the end of your current membership term to move to a lower tier.

  • Will there still be options for Students, Early Career Professionals, Health Authorities, and other discounted member types?

    Yes! Just like standard members, these discount options will continue, and members of each type will be able to select the tier that best suits them. See the chart above for details regarding what benefits are included under each tier for each membership type. Review the requirements for these discount types.

  • My membership is on auto-renew, what do I need to do?

    Members who wish to keep their auto-renew status will be able to do so. If you are currently an auto-renew member, PDA will be reaching out to you individually to ensure that your transition to the new tier structure is seamless. Stay tuned for emails from the Membership team.

  • Will I be able to enroll in auto-renew under the new structure?

    Yes! PDA members will be able to take advantage of auto-renew under the new structure and can sign up for auto-renew at any time.

  • What other changes can I expect from PDA with the update to the membership structure?

    Along with the new benefits structure, PDA is using this opportunity to update and simplify the Membership join and renew portal on our website. When the time comes for you to renew your membership, you will notice an updated user interface and streamlined billing and payments process. More details will be available soon.

Have another question? Please email us at [email protected] and we will gladly respond.