Award Winner (Service Appreciation Award) 2023: Marc Glogovsky, MS

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Marc Glogovsky

Marc Glogovsky, MS

My inspiration came from one of my first interactions with PDA as a student.  I was asked by one of my fellow members of Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society to go along with him to the PDA Annual meeting in Philadelphia.  I was thrilled with being able to skip organic chemistry that morning to go to a conference (only for 1 day and it was just over an hour's drive).  I really enjoyed chatting with some of the industry leaders and unfortunately, didn’t have the mindset to appreciate being there (I know, sorry!).  Fast forward a few years when I was working for a generic drug manufacturer, my boss at the time, Mary Huynh (who I can never thank enough for hiring me, and she is still a very active PDA member herself!), allowed a colleague and myself to join PDA as we were tasked with validating an autoclave and improving our routine EM program.  This was all new to both of us, so the technical reports were paramount to our success as I didn’t have a clue how to validate or qualify anything.

My real integration within PDA was when I began working at a rapid microbiology test method manufacturer.  We had just recently begun to make some headway in the industry, and I had been studying and memorizing the original Technical Report #33.  I was able to work with many of the leaders in our industry at the time.  During one of our focus group meetings (referred to as the CAMP group) I was invited to speak at one of the PDA Southeast conferences in Orlando.  That interaction with other speakers and experts made me realize just how powerful and impactful PDA would be for my career.  Over the next decade, I was asked to speak at several PDA conferences, Chapter Events, and even be one of the founding members of the PDA Mycoplasma Task Force.

PDA has allowed me the opportunity to truly turn my passion for microbiology into a hobby!  I have been involved with PDA’s Training & Research Institute for almost 15 years, and have been on the Education, Science (thank you Phil!), Exhibitor & ATMP Advisory Boards.  I have co-chaired the production of multiple technical reports, been part of a few meeting planning committees, and was the Microbiology/EM Interest Group Chair (and then the North American Co-Chair with Kurt) for just over 5 wonderful years.  In my current volunteer role, I have been serving on PDA’s Board of Directors, thanks to the support and trust of many of our current PDA members!  Over the past 25 years as a PDA member, these various experiences have allowed me to give back to PDA in the same manner that was offered to me at the very start of my career.  To be able to guide and teach new microbiologists, pharmacists, and operators in our industry has been everything I could have hoped for.  Being recognized for just enjoying my career and sharing my excitement for microbiology is something I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude for.

Receiving the Service Appreciation Award for my time as co-chair of the Microbiology/EM IG has been bittersweet, but the Interest Group is in great hands (thank you Kim for taking over for me).  I now have the benefit of being able to enjoy the discussions and debates about current hot topics from the back of the room instead of the front!

Thank you to all the PDA members who continue to let me enjoy my time sharing my knowledge, providing guidance, and occasionally testing out some awful jokes from the podium.

About Marc Glogovsky, MS

Marc Glogovsky is currently managing the microbiology consulting division at ValSource, Inc. His career spans more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, in various microbiology and management roles. In his current position, Marc focuses on development of contamination control strategies, implementation of rapid microbiological methods (RMMs), and establishing risk-based environmental monitoring programs.
He has been an active PDA member for over 25 years and is presently serving on the Board of Directors and on the planning committee for the PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference.  Additionally, Marc has chaired several Technical Reports and Points to Consider publications and served on the Education, Science and ATMP Advisory Boards.

In 2020, Marc was the recipient of the James P. Agalloco award for his efforts at PDA’s Training and Research Institute, the 2022 Michael Korczynski Award for his support of PDA’s international activities and a Service Appreciation Award in 2023 for his time spent as the Microbiology/EM Interest Group Leader.

Marc earned his B.S. in Biology from Monmouth University and his M.S. in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics from Rutgers University.

Marc Glogovsky