Award Winner (PDA President’s Award) 2023: Adonna Cox

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Adonna Cox

Adonna Cox

Ever since I interviewed at PDA, I knew it was the perfect place for me! After joining PDA, I can confidently say that my initial feeling was absolutely right. PDA feels like home, and we are one big family that supports each other. I am inspired by the opportunity to make important decisions that will benefit future generations. PDA embraces innovation and provides a supportive environment for creativity to thrive. I have the chance to learn new things and take on new challenges.

In my current role, I have taken on more responsibility, acquired new skills, and, most importantly, serve our members and constituents. It has been incredibly fulfilling, and I am continuously growing and evolving in my role since "It Takes a Village."

About Adonna Cox

Adonna brings a rich professional history spanning over a decade. Her extensive professional experience demonstrates her exceptional skills in member engagement and member retention within the non-profit community across the DMV area. Her expertise assures her capability to serve our members effectively.

Adonna's role is enriched by her multicultural background—born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Brooklyn, New York. This unique perspective she brings, coupled with her residence in Bowie, MD, and her degree in Psychology, promises to bring fresh ideas and approaches to our team.

Adonna joined PDA in August of 2021 as the Sr. Manager for Membership and Chapters, demonstrating a strong commitment to serving our community. Her devotion is evident in her efforts to create thriving chapters that consistently uphold the PDA brand and cater to our members.

Adonna's personal interests, such as traveling and cooking, not only provide her with relaxation but also inspire her creativity and problem-solving skills. As a recent aunt, she values the time spent with her niece and nephew, which fuels her passion for community building and member engagement.
Adonna Cox