PDA West Coast Chapter Webinar: Managing Projects in the Life-Science Industry

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The Increasingly Important Role Of Project Manager In Life Sciences

Have you been assigned to manage a business problem that has a beginning and an end? Do you have a planned set of tasks that, when executed well, will produce something valuable? Are your work days never quite the same?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you serve as a project or program manager (PM) in your job.

A new product launch, a clinical study, or regulatory submission are all examples of projects in life sciences.

In performing their jobs, PMs in the life sciences are taking on more cross-functional responsibilities. And while asked to wear many hats, they must still ensure the final product or program is delivered on time, within budget, and in compliance. To make their work even more challenging, life sciences PMs are often not equipped with advanced technology needed to assist them in their tasks and are often stuck using rudimentary spreadsheets or limited applications not designed for specific industry needs.

Join the PDA West Coast Chapter in an engaging and informative discussion where we will share tested innovative methodologies to answer your most complex project obstacles.


  • Carl Albertson
    Director, Capital Projects
  • Lori Chelemedos
    Pac-Side LLC 
  • Heike Abeck
    Director of MSAT, Analytical Methods
  • Stephen Smith 
    Senior Director, Program Management
    Encoded Therapeutics Inc
  • Joe Yee
    Director, CMC Project Management
    Sangamo Therapeutics

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