PDA New England Chapter: Human Error Prevention Webinar

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It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend an upcoming webinar on Human Error Prevention on behalf of the PDA New England Chapter. This informative session presents a unique opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge of human error prevention, and we highly recommend your attendance.

Edwards Deming, the pioneering leader of Toyota in the mid-1900’s, widely regarded as the Father of Modern Quality, said: “85% of the reasons for failure are deficiencies in the systems and process rather than the employee.” Some studies place that number at 95%.

Human Error Prevention (HEP) strategy challenges traditional thinking on what causes, and how to prevent, errors and deviations, and helps transform organizations from looking for people’s errors, to finding system flaws and harnessing people for solutions. HEP is a well-researched, well documented field adopted by many industries (e.g. aerospace, nuclear) decades ago.

This webinar will focus on two key aspects of HEP - Writing Effective GxP Instructions and Leadership’s Role in Preventing Human Errors. SOPs are the cornerstone of all Quality Management Systems. However, firms tend to write long, text-based procedures. We’ll give an overview of how to approach SOPs differently and create visual, concise, user-friendly procedures. We’ll also look at the many ways leaders can reinforce HEP concepts and help prevent errors.


Matt Peplowski is the Owner & Principal of Biopharm Error Prevention Associates, Inc., a provider of proven, effective training and other, more holistic performance improvement solutions in Human Error Prevention. Services also include visual SOP and technical writing, investigations and CAPA, competency-based training design, data integrity, and contamination control.

We look forward to seeing you there!

More information coming soon.

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