PDA Missouri Valley Chapter Webinar: A Risk Based Cleaning and Disinfection Program

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You are invited to join the PDA Missouri Valley Chapter for it's inaugural free morning webinar talk on leading design techniques for a Risk Based Cleaning and Disinfection Program. Attendees will learn the latest advances in cleaning application tools and disinfectants and sporicides in the industry.

This webinar will cover designing a risk-based cleaning and disinfection program during the COVID-19 pandemic. The presentation will bring clarity to the cleaning and disinfection process by covering current industry trends, global regulatory expectations, and essential elements needed to keep the cleanroom in a state of control. There will be an in-depth discussion on current regulations, disinfectant and sterilant technologies, operator safety, and applications of these products. Videos will be shown to cover the usage and application techniques with these products. Current industry trends in disinfectant rotation, sterility, application techniques, and rinsing will be discussed. Regulatory expectations of FDA, MHRA, ANVISA, ANMAT, HPRA, EMA, and ANSM inspectors will be addressed. The current draft Annex I, USP 43 <1072>, PDA Technical Report #70, and other industry guidance documents will be covered. The attendees will gain a more robust understanding of current industry trends regarding cleaning and disinfection best practices and how to design an effective risk-based program. Current industry FDA Warning Letters and FDA 483s will be covered as teaching tools.

More information coming soon.

Day 1

  • Current Regulations, Guidance Documents (Annex I) related to cleaning and disinfection
  • Latest technologies, application frequencies and methods for disinfectants
  • Best practices in writing effective SOP’s
  • Disinfectant rotation and rinsing strategies.
Agenda is subject to change.

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