PDA Midwest Chapter: Webinar - Evaluation, Development and Use of Recombinant Proteins for Endotoxin Testing

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In this webinar, you will learn about strategies used to develop and implement recombinant proteins for routine use in Quality Control (QC) laboratories.

Speaker Sherri Hopple, a Technology and Market Development Manager at Charles River Laboratories (CRL), will present on the various Voice-of-Customer and regulatory considerations taken into account during CRL’s development of a synthetic recombinant. In this presentation Sherri Hopple will discuss how recombinant reagents work and how they contribute to sustainability in QC testing.

Invitria is a leading developer and manufacturer of recombinant proteins and supplements used in biomanufacturing and final formulation of vaccines, biologic medicines, cell therapies, gene therapies and regenerative medicines. The company understands the value and nuance of regulated synthetic proteins. Speaker Ron Backman, Vice President of Quality at Invitria, will present on his approach to evaluating recombinant proteins for Bacterial Endotoxin Testing. The presentation will address how these proteins were assessed for performance and Invitria’s plans to incorporate recombinants for routine quality testing.

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