PDA Capital Area Chapter Webinar: Developing a Risk-Based Environmental Monitoring Performance Qualification (EMPQ) Strategy

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Our next PDA Capital Area webinar is being brought to you from ValSource. Join our esteemed speaker Marc Glogovsky, MS, S.M. (NRCM) who will lead our talk.

Thanks to ValSource, this event is free to all, but advance registration is required. We look forward to sharing this important perspective and having an engaging discussion with you.

Event Abstract:

The Environmental Monitoring Performance Qualification (EMPQ) is critically important in demonstrating that a critical area is capable of meeting the validated classification controls for a given environment. The PQ portion of the overall qualification strategy is an assessment of the environmental contamination control strategy as well as the control parameters that are deployed to monitor the effectiveness of that strategy. The selection of the PQ sampling sites should align with those established during the room classification risk assessment and will be evaluated as part of the trend data collected during the actual qualification activities to make a final determination for their continued usage during routine monitoring. The utilization of the “worst-case scenario” and the maximum number of personnel will also be included as part of one, or more, PQ runs. The establishment of the initial alert levels will also be performed as part of the qualification final data review. This presentation is designed to provide the foundation needed to develop your own risk based EMPQ strategy.

More information coming soon.

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