PDA Brazil Chapter Webinar: Biotechnology/Cell & Gene Therapy/Biosimilar/Life Cycle Product- RDC 301 Workshop

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This webinar will examine the evolving landscape, current state, state of the art technologies, best-practices, CDMO, regulatory requirements, life cycle, R&D and innovation of Biosimilar, cell and gene therapy, vaccines and other technologies.

PDA Brazil invites expert speakers, attendants from industry, universities, CDMO, regulatory authorities and suppliers to discuss on an advanced and yet practical level the many challenges encountered bringing vaccines, drugs, ATMPs and other treatments to patients worldwide.

Brazil is a key player to find the COVID 19 vaccine and it will be one of the first countries to have the vaccine due to four of the most advanced vaccine studies in the world are relying on scientists and volunteers in Brazil, robust vaccine infrastructure, significant experience in development and manufacturing of other vaccines, widespread contagion, local world class scientists, thousands of vaccine trial volunteers, mature regulatory agency, government investment and Brazil has a universal public health care system with one of the best immunization programs to facilitate the Covid 19 vaccination program.

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