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PDA 803.1 In-House Identification of Environmental Molds for Quality Control

Nov 18 - Nov 19, 2020
1:30 PM
4:30 PM
| Eastern Standard Time
  • Virtual
  • Education
  • Online


This live eLearning training course will give participants a foundation level skill for identifying environmental molds in their Quality Control Microbiology Lab which will eliminate outsourcing costs for mold identification, saving both time and money. An industry-recognized process for the identification of molds found in the final product, raw materials and the production environment will be reviewed. Characteristic properties of both macroscopic and microscopic morphologies will be discussed using detailed pictures of common, environmental molds. Topics covered will include growth characteristics of molds, species identification and in-house mold culture collection.

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  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Wednesday, November 18, 2020

    Overview (15 min)

    • Objectives
    • Quality Control Issues for Mold

    Basic Morphology (45 min)

    • Terminology Found in Basic Mycology
    • Potential for Mold Growth/Laboratory Safety

    Group Exercise #1 - Basic Morphology Questions (15 min)

    Break (15 min)

    Macroscopic Examination (45 min)

    • Commonly Used Isolation Techniques
    • Pure Culture, Selective Media, Sporulation
    • Characteristics to Describe Colony
    • Color, Texture, Topography
    • Sealing plates

    Group Exercise #2 - Describe Mold Colony Examples (15 min)

    Review / Q&A (15 min)

  • Thursday, November 19, 2020

    Macroscopic Examination (60 min)

    • Sample Prep to Slide
    • Commonly Used Methods
    • MycoEase and MycoVue
    • Stains
    • Species Identification
    • Reference Books

    Group Exercise #3 - Identify Microscopic Images (15 min)

    Break (15 min)

    SOP for Mold Identification (45 min)

    • Media and Incubation Conditions
    • Information on In-House Isolates
    • Culture Maintenance
    • Rapid Methods
    • Contract Labs

    Group Exercise #4 - Identify Unknown Samples (15 min)

    Review / Q&A (15 min)


John Brecker
John Brecker
JB Consulting

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop an SOP for in-house identification of molds
  2. Perform macroscopic and microscopic examination of molds
  3. Use reference materials for identification of molds at the Genus level, and for some isolates, at the species level
  4. Recommend best isolation techniques to use and identify the best type of microbiological media to use for mold identification
  5. Design an in-house culture collection procedure for molds

Who Should Attend

This training course is intended for professionals who are responsible for identification of mold contaminants of finished product, raw materials or the manufacturing environment.

  • Quality Control
  • Quality Systems
  • Training

  • Analyst
  • Specialist
  • Operator/Technician
  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Scientist

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